Group session

In a circle, connected to each other, to ourselves, to our breath, powerful and safe.


Everyone has their own "issues", so breathing sessions are experienced differently by each individual. A first breath session can be a revelation, but for some it is primarily a physical experience. Your body doesn't know what's happening and our ego doesn't like change, which can make it difficult to get into a deeper state of consciousness. If you manage to surrender (and the more you do it the easier it gets), the faster you will reach emotional and spiritual layers and make a journey through your own system. It is magical and indescribable.

In the safe space of a connecting breathing circle, we appeal to the self-healing capacity of the body. Good for your cells and for your emotional inner world. Other parts of your brain are activated so that you can release blockages. Suddenly you can see patterns, behaviors and negative thoughts that you were stuck in, and break through them.


Perhaps you fear that a sense of shame will prevent you from expressing your emotions in a breathing circle. Because if you have to cry, aren't you a burden to the other participants? Or: can you get 'into it' when you hear sounds around you?


I believe in the power of sharing. Sounds from others can actually help you to dare to express your own feelings. The idea that the people around you are also "struggling" with their own process can have the effect of taking that step yourself.


Sometimes it's necessary to have an individual breathing session, but it can also be nice that the facilitator does not constantly focus all the attention on you. This way you can be present in your own cocoon, but at the same time you are never alone. When someone has experienced both an individual breathing session and a breathing circle, the latter is usually a favorite. But until then: feel welcome for a 1-on-1 breathing guidance.

What to know:

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Make sure you don't have a full stomach
  • Please contact in advance if you
    • are taking antidepressants,
    • are highly sensitive,
    • have epilepsy, lung and/or heart problems,
    • experience depression or anxiety/panic attacks.

Duration & price

The group session lasts 1 hrs 15 min and costs € 15,- per person. 



Studio Yina, Beekstraatkouter 78, 9031 Drongen

Next group sessions

  • 7th august 2023 "Energy" (NL)
  • 14th august 2023 "Breath Transformation" (NL)


NEW:  as from 14th september 2023 there are group sessions every second week on Thursdays at 20:00 (once a month in English)


Monthly group session on Friday 19:45


  • 22 september 2023 (NL)
  • 27 october 2023 (NL)
  • 8 december 2023 (ENG)
  • 26 january 2024 (NL)
  • 23 february 2024 (NL)
  • 22 march 2024 (ENG))
  • 3 may 2024 (NL)
  • 31 may 2024 (NL)
  • 14 june 2024 (ENG)


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